12.06.15 by private

Manafluids highered

Manafluids will be highered after serversave.

10.06.15 by private


The server's datacenter had problems with their network and this affected OriginalTibia along with many other clients of theirs.

This issue is non-related to our support. However, the server did not rollback or crash, so anything you did or dropped remains ingame.

Sorry for any inconviences this may have caused.

7.06.15 by private


Thank you all who participated in the launch today, we reached 85 players and we are pleased with the amount.

We encountered a few minor problems during the launch which will be listed below:

*Exp on Diamond account fixed - as a compensation we will add +1 day to all diamond accounters.
*Keys did not work properly, all will work fine now.
*Channel restriction eased up.
*Protection level removed.
*NPC balance which should not exist in the first place were removed.
*Doors/pathways caused to be removed fixed.
*Life fluids will disappear after usage.
*A few map bugs.

Also please welcome our latest tutor: Tani

We hope you enjoy your stay!

7.06.15 by private

Server is online!

The server is online!